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republican inscriptions
outwith Ancient Italy
on inscription-bearers made of metal
province / Italic region: provinces
dating: to -30
material: metals
inscriptions from the Pannonian provinces,
which may have originated at the time of the rule of Septimius Severus
and mention military personel
province / Italic region: Pannonia inferior
Pannonia superior
dating: from 193
to 211

Option: extended
status: soldier
Emergence and occurrence of the abbreviation "D(is) M(anibus)"
in inscriptions pre-100 A.D.
which mention freedmen / freedwomen
dating: to 99
search strings in the text of the inscription: search string 1: D(is) M(anibus)
Option: brackets matter
Search option: sort results by dating Anfang
status: freedmen / freedwomen
inscriptions on clay
from Dalmatia
with CIL-concordance(s),
but excluding instrumentum domesticum
province / Italic region: Dalmatia
literature: CIL
Search option: without instrumentum domesticum
material: clay
images of epigraphic monuments with Denkmäler with tribus information
from the province Dacia
sorted according to type of monument
Province: Dacia
Search options: records with images only
sort results by monument type
tribus: (select all)




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