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Academies day 2015

Under the motto "Ancient World Nowadays - Perspectives and Dangers" 20 scientific projects of the Länder Academies were on display in the building of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of the Sciences (BBAW) in Berlin. The Union of the Academies organised the event which was aimed at a broad audience, especially with school children in mind. There were approximately 700 visitors.

The EDH together with the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (BBAW) organised a workshop for chosen classes of school children. The stall on the "Projektstraße" provided information on the importance of inscriptions, the working methods of epigraphers as well as the advantages and potential of the Epigraphic Database. On the two computers at the stall the visitors were informed about the various different functions of the search engines and made their own individual searches with help where necessary. They also had the opportunity to experience different ways of visualizing the data stored in EDH (the mapping of milestones with their indication of distance for example). Another topic was the technical infrastructure and open nature of EDH in terms of linking to other projects.

Programme brochure

Poster on the technique of dowelling into stone
of gold plated bronze letters
Poster on the technical infrastructure and
open data structure of EDH

EDH stall in the Projektstraße



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