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The Bibliographic Database alongside the Photographic Database and the Epigraphic Text Database is a constituent part of EDH.

-> It contains currently about 16.000 records concerning monographs and articles in journals, anthologies, commemorative volumes and Congress Acts, which were referred to during work on the inscriptions presented in the L'Année Épigraphique.

-> This considerable collection of specialist literature is to a very large extent present at the research centre at the very least in the form of photocopies.

-> Work is being done at present to create reciprocal linking with the Epigraphic Text Database.

-> An integrated print function allows the user to print individual records.

The special usefulness of this database for the user is that it is possible to access an extensive bibliography and in this way be able to use a rich collection of literature which is often difficult to trace. Particularly attractive search possibilities are to be had through using the fields CIL and other corpora. In this manner relevant secondary literature can be found all the more quickly. 

In addition to this it is possible with the help of the Epigraphische Bibliographie (EBH) to carry out research work without further ado on, for example, literature that was cited in the AE with respect to inscriptions, which are already in the Epigraphic Text Database, but have not yet been entered into the database in full fashion, or by searching for a specific inscription number in a corpus volume to find the relevant literature on the inscription in question. An integrated print function allows the user to print out clearly arranged individual records.


  1 of 15.000 bibliographic cards (pink).
They document the  epigraphic publications, which are made for every inscription (white cards)
1 of 15.000 bibliographic records

updated: January 2019

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