A HD-number: HD023369 TM-number: 210374
B province: Germania superior modern country: Germany
find spot (ancient name): find spot (modern name): Würzberg
region: year of find:
find spot (street, etc.): present location:
Geographical database ID: 8195
C   * state of preservation: decoration:
inscription-type: inscription bearer:
  * fields: material:
height: width:
D   * height of inscribed field:   * width of inscribed field:
letters size:   * ligature:
meter: language: Latin
E date: day: date: month:
date: year (terminus a quo):   * date: specific:
F social, economic, legal history: religion:
  * communal groups: geography:
  * political communities: military:
G status of the EDH-version: provisional work status
H responsible individual: NIQUET last update: 1997-08-24
I palaeography:   * longa:   * apice ornata:
  * parva:   * inserta:
writing type: punctuation:
K literature: AE 1896, 0127.
L comment:
M   * connections:
O A-Text: Coh(ortis) XXIIII v(oluntariorum)
Q alphabetical list of words in inscription: Cohortis XXIIII voluntariorum

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